We Make Success Happen with Matt Callanan

Challenges Can Make You - Julie Kent MBE | Episode 36

February 14, 2021 Matt Callanan Episode 36
We Make Success Happen with Matt Callanan
Challenges Can Make You - Julie Kent MBE | Episode 36
Show Notes

Julie Kent MBE is all about giving. The loss of her daughter prompted her to have a life of kindness and charity. Recently awarded her MBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list, Julie talks about how looking out for others has changed her life.

Listen to Julie as he talks about:

*  The loss of her daughter at the age of 3 and what it prompted.

*  Why kindness is so important

*  How she was awarded her MBE from the Queen.

*  How to get through challenging times.

*  What it was like caring for 60 girls as a House Mistress

*  What success means to her

The Power of Giving 

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