We Make Success Happen with Matt Callanan

The Accidental Adventurer On Kindness - Nahla Summers | Episode 31

January 15, 2021 Matt Callanan Episode 31
We Make Success Happen with Matt Callanan
The Accidental Adventurer On Kindness - Nahla Summers | Episode 31
Show Notes

Nahla Summers is an World Record holder | Author | Cultural Change Consultant | Kindness researcher & International Keynote Speaker

Listen to Nahla as she talks about:

* Riding 5000 miles to every city in the UK to spell KINDNESS

* Her kindness movement - Sunshine People

* Transform workplaces with a Culture of Kindness

* The death of her partner and what happened next

* Acts of kindness

* Her book 44 Rays of Sunshine

* Grief

* Cycling 3000 miles across America after purchasing her bike just six weeks prior.

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