We Make Success Happen with Matt Callanan

The Power Of Storytelling - Bobette Buster | Episode 30

January 05, 2021 Matt Callanan Episode 30
We Make Success Happen with Matt Callanan
The Power Of Storytelling - Bobette Buster | Episode 30
Show Notes

Bobette Buster is an acclaimed lecturer, award-winning producer and author, whose workshops are sought after by top media companies and corporations alike, from Disney/Pixar, Sony and BBC to Google and SoulCycle.

Listen to Bobette as she talks about:

Why we all have a story to tell

How we can make the world  better place through stories

How you can find the right story to tell.


Why you have to go through the wilderness

The magical force of taking one step through your fear

Sound design in movies. Bobette’s documentary Making Waves -  - The Art Of Cinematic Sound

Working with Gary Rydstrom (who has won 7 oscars)

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